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Christopher Steele, author of the dossier that launched the Russian collusion investigation, confirmed to the FBI in 2017 that he leaked the story in an effort to help his then client Hillary Clinton who was facing an email scandal at the tail-end of the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Just The News reported that, “The FBI report of agents’ interview with Steele in September 2017, nearly a year after he had been terminated as an informant, provided explosive information about his motives in working simultaneously for the FBI and the opposition research firm for Clinton’s campaign. The document was obtained by Just the News and at times reads like a confessional from the now-infamous former MI6 agent and author of the anti-Trump dossier.”

Steele confirmed that he and his firm chose the relationship with their client, Hillary Clinton, over their relationship with the FBI.

Just The News goes on to report that, “The most explosive revelation about the sub-source in the newly declassified documents was that former Trump National Security Council Russia expert Fiona Hill, an impeachment witness in 2019 against Trump, had introduced Steele to his sub-source in 2011, well after he FBI had opened up its probe on the source.”

Read the notes from the Steele interview here.

Read the full story from Just The News here.

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